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From caulking cracks to replacing window putty, priming expose wood, masking glass, removing wallpaper, and repairing drywall, we get the job done right!

•  Quality brand name paint

•  A variety of finishes to choose from

•  Wall painting

•  Trim refinishing

•  Door painting and finishing

•  Wallpaper removal

•  Texturing – orange peel,

   knockdown, and trowel

An inviting color

All it takes is a splash of color!

Whether you want to open a room up or make it feel more cozy, the right color combinations make all the difference.


Work with the experienced professionals to find the best color schemes for any interior room.

Get the best prep work and the best painting at the best price!


Interior preparation:

• Move and protect furniture

• Cover all floors and surfaces not

  being painted

• Remove switch plates and door


• Clean surfaces free of dust, dirt

  and oil

• Filling in nail holes

• Repairing cracks and damages.

• Spot texture and blend to match

• Scraping and sanding of loose


• Caulking of open joints, splits

  and gaps

• Priming over stains and bare


• Keeping work area clean and